Food Loop Game

What is the Food Loop Game?

The Food Loop Game is an innovative experiment designed to make us more aware not only of how we spend our money but of how other people go on to re-spend our money.

You may have heard, and believe, that spending your money with local businesses and keeping it in the local loop is good for the local economy, but there is surprisingly little evidence or data on exactly how and why this is true.

So what we are doing is attempting to track not only how we spend our money within the local food economy but how the food businesses we buy from go on to re-spend that money. The aim is to produce a complete map of all the local transactions that our food pounds make! The map and the number of connections will hopefully grow as the game develops over time.

This is what the map looks like at the moment…

TotSpend 23aug15

Food Loop GameBoard 23aug15









How does the game work?

The game converts our spending to points (which also takes into account the number of food miles involved). Points are recorded on a leader-board to show how people are doing relative to each other.

This makes what would otherwise be a slightly dull job of collecting and passing on receipts (which is how the spending is evidenced) into the slightly more exciting task of collecting more gaming points.

As everyone knows points mean prizes. So, from time to time there will be small prizes for achievements. In time this may turn into a way of fundraising for local good causes, but we are really only at the beginning of the process right now.

For the food businesses that we trade with there is the benefit of additional free publicity (if they want it). Those businesses that manage to demonstrate that they have re-spent your money with other local food suppliers will earn you extra points.

The hope is that you will be more motivated to seek out those suppliers that are doing well at re-spending and keeping your money in local circulation.


To play the game you just need to register here.

For more information on how to play visit the food loop game website.

You could also join our Facebook Group.