Local Food Pledge

 Will you pledge to source more local food?

We challenge you to take the local food pledge and source at least a third of your food locally for 3 months.

If our local food economy is to grow and we, the residents and businesses of Lancaster District, are to reap the benefits that this will bring, we need to take action. We need to pledge to source more local food!


Why pledge?

By pledging to source more local food, you will be directly supporting local community resilience and sustainability as:

  • Local food tends to be fresher, tastier and more nutritious
  • Local food is generally linked to a lower carbon footprint than imported food due to the reduced need for transport, refrigeration and packaging.
  • Keeping more money within the local food economy (Lancaster District), helps to strengthen our local food economy, creating a positive circle where other social and economic benefits are realised. For example, a wider range of local edible produce may become available as well as more food-related jobs.