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FoodFutures vision is a thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair. It works towards making this vision a reality by:

  • Raising awareness of issues surrounding sustainable and healthy food.
  • Supporting the development of a collaborative coss-sector food partnership that oversees the development and delivery of a Sustainable Food City Lancaster Action Plan for making healthy, resilient and fair food a defining feature of Lancaster District.
  • Harnessing local passion and expertise for healthy, resilient and fair food in order to help it spread and grow so that more people, places and organisations within our District can access and experience the benefits that come from being part of a resilient food sector. 


Who is involved?

  1. LESS, a Lancaster based Community Interest Company, employs a ‘Sustainable Food City Lancaster coordinator’ on behalf of FoodFutures, This coordinator role is responsible for facilitating research and initiating projects and schemes that will help contribute to FoodFuture’s (Lancaster’s Sustainable Food City initiative) vision and aims. LESS therefore works in collaboration with a variety of organisations to do this and sits on the FoodFutures food partnership and working groups.


  1. FoodFutures an award winning cross-sector food partnership oversees the development and implementation of an Sustainable Food City Lancaster Action Plan for making resilient. healthy and fair food a defining feature of Lancaster.


  1. Anyone involved in the growing, eating, processing and selling of local food within Lancaster District.


How to get involved…

If you are interested in supporting FoodFutures work contact Anna Clayton (anna@lessuk.org) or visit www.lessuk.org for more details.

Our recently completed Community Economic Development (CED) plan also identifies ways you may be able to help develop Lancaster’s sustainable food economy- as an individual or business. Download LESS’s CED Plan.

To keep up-to-date on FoodFutures work visit our: